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            Pursuing Excellence, Winning Respect


            Taiwan Winnerstech Machinery Co., Ltd. was established as a job-shop in 1992 from a town at Taichung in the central Taiwan. With the spirit of "Pursuing Excellence, Winning Respect” we take it as the philosophy of enterprise.

            Pride in the Taiwan Winner brand

            Taiwan Winner has introduced AP & APC series Tapping/Drilling machine to the worldwide market with the leading brand of "Winner", are extremely popular among users since 2008.

            Challenging existing technology, meeting your needs

            Challenging existing technology, meeting your needs

            Taiwan Winner designs the most appropriate machines to meet the customers’ request. For full range of VMC-A/D/E/Lseries vertical machining centers have been completed by sizing from 650mm up to 2100mm for X-axis travel.
            The machines has already remarkably enhanced production efficiency and shall be particularly designed for high accuracy & superior performance work pieces, and widely applying for job-shop, die molding, as well as the industries of auto parts, 3C components, Medical equipment, aeroparts …& etc

            No stop research and innovation

            Taiwan Winner focuses on quality improvement ; innovation and provide suitable after sales service support for many years.
            WINNER branded products are sold throughout China and successfully introduced into the markets of Russia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea & Japan, with proven reputation and has been endorsed unanimously by the majority of end-users.

            Philosophy: Pursuing Excellence 、 Winning Respect”

            Taiwan Winner has the confidence that by quality personnel, advanced technology & innovative designs and strict quality control to satisfy all customers with complete solutions. Winner Group assures to offer high quality products and sincere service to be your best choice.

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