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            Pursuing Excellence, Winning Respect

            Product Name : Box Way Type / VMC-L1100-L1300
            • Precision ground slide ways & Turcite-B coated on 3-axes for box way & gibs.
            • Counter-balance weight device or upgraded motor.
            • The spindle adopts super precision angular contact ball bearings. Spindle speed 8000rpm is standard.
            • Servo motor and high precision ballscrew are directly coupled in 3 axes.
            • Arm type Auto Tool Change magazine – 24 tools is standard equipment.
            • The major construction parts are based on super strong cast iron.
            • They are stable and precision-proved in structure.
            • Wide column structure. Wide base enhanced saddle and full supported workpiece structure all contribute to the ability for heavy duty machining.
            • High rigidity high precision. The enhanced ribs in major construction parts provide the super rigidity for heavy duty cutting.
            • Top quality well-ribbed castings, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used on each new casting to determine the size and location of all internal ribs ensuring high tensional stiffness and minimum vibration.
            Cartridge Type Spindle
            • The heavy-duty spindle utilizes super strong bearings to allow heavy cutting. Oversized disk springs used to hold the tool in the spindle are tested for long life.
            Chip Augers
            • Both sides chip augers designed as one-piece with machine base, which can deliver chips to machine back. The chip augers are incorporated with powerful coolant flushing device to handle chip removal efficiently.
            Table size mm 1200x610 1500x710
            T slots mm 18x5x100 18x5x100
            Max. table loading kg 700 700
            X/Y/Z - axis travel mm 1100/650/650 1300/700/700
            Spindle nose to table surface mm 120~770 120~770
            Spindle transmission   Belt type Belt type
            Spindle taper   BT-40 BT-40
            Spindle speed rpm 8000 8000
            Spindle motor kw 11/15 11/15
            X-Y-Z motor(Fanuc) kw 3/3/3 3/3/3
            X-Y-Z motor(Mitsubishi) kw 3/3/3 3/3/3
            X-Y-Z Rapid travel m/min 24/24/20 24/24/20
            X-Y-Z Cutting feed rate m/min 10 10
            ATC System
            ATC type.   Arm type Arm type
            Magazine capacity pcs 16T 24T
            Max.tool diameter Ø(mm) Ø100 Ø100
            Max.tool length mm 300 300
            Max.tool weight kgs 8 8
            Rail Type
            Rail Type - 3-axes Boxways 3-axes boxways /Y-axis 4 guideways
            Power consumption KVA 20 20
            Air pressure required kfg/CM² 6 6
            Floor occupation cm 310x300x269 320x300x275
            Machine weights kg 8500 8900
            All specifications&design are subject to change without prior notice.
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