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            Pursuing Excellence, Winning Respect

            Product Name : Linear Way Type / VMC-E1800-E1900
            • X/Y axes adopt heavy duty linear ways for E type machine but Z axis boxway which has been precisely ground by handcraft ; Not only to guarantee the smoothly movement on X-Y axes, but also not losing any rigidity consideration of while Z-axis machining and moving of its work head.
            • A central rod guides the counterweight. It ensures no vibration effect for Z axis high speed feed-rate and cutting accuracy.
            • High rigid (ball-screw) provides reliable transmission for high speed processing.
            • Superior rigidity structural offers to achieving precision and lasting performance in heavy cutting applications.
            • The spindle adopts super precision angular contact ball bearings. Spindle speed 8000rpm is standard ; 12000rpm direct-drive spindle can be optional.
            Table size mm 1970x1000 2050x1000
            T slots mm 18x7x120 18x7x150
            Max. table loading kg 3000 3000
            X/Y/Z - axis travel mm 1800/900/800 1900/900/800
            Spindle nose to table surface mm 100~900 100~900
            Spindle transmission   Belt type Belt type
            Spindle taper   BT-50 BT-50
            Spindle speed rpm 6000 6000
            Spindle motor kw 22/26 22/26
            X-Y-Z MOTOR(Fanuc) kw 7/7/7 7/7/7
            X-Y-Z motor(Mitsubishi) kw 4.5/4.5/4.5 4.5/4.5/4.5
            X-Y-Z Rapid travel m/min 15/15/15 15/15/15
            X-Y-Z Cutting feed rate m/min 8 8
            ATC System
            ATC type.   Arm type Arm type
            Magazine capacity pcs 24T 24T
            Max.tool diameter Ø(mm) Ø125 Ø125
            Max.tool length mm 300 300
            Max.tool weight kgs 15 15
            Rail Type
            Rail Type - E Series:Z-boxway;X-Y linearways/Y-axis 4 guideways
            Power consumption KVA 30 30
            Air pressure required kfg/CM² 6-8 6-8
            Floor occupation cm 580x510x370 610x520x370
            Machine weights kg 20000 20000
            All specifications&design are subject to change without prior notice.
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