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            Pursuing Excellence, Winning Respect

            Product Name : APC-500/APC-600
            • A space-saving, high-precision and high-performance two pallets change.
            • APC series with automatic pallet change can be applied to do complex machining such as milling, drilling, boring, reaming and facing operations etc.
            • Automatic Pallet Changers directly on the base; easy to install, good water resistance and to avoid waste of space.
            • APC (Automatic Pallet Changers) is best choice for precious modular production and product accuracy and machining high speed requirements
            Table size mm 600x400 * 2 pcs 700x500 * 2 pcs
            T slots mm 14x3x125 14x3x125
            X/Y/Z - axis travel mm 500/400/300 600/400/300
            Spindle nose to table surface mm 130~430 130~430
            Spindle center to column mm 410 410
            Spindle taper - BT-30 BT-30
            Spindle speed kg @250 * 2 pcs @250 * 2 pcs
            Transmission rpm Direct Driving / 1000 Direct Driving / 1000
            Spindle motor kw 3.7/5.5 3.7/5.5
            X-Y-Z motor(Fanuc) kw 1.2/1.2/2.8 1.2/1.2/2.8
            X-Y-Z motor(Mitsubishi) kw 1.5/1.5/2.0 1.5/1.5/2.0
            X-Y-Z Rapid travel m/min 48/48/36 48/48/36
            Rail Type
            Rail Type - X,Y - Linearway, Z-Boxway X,Y - Linearway, Z-Boxway
            ATC System
            Magazine type - Turret Type Turret Type
            Tool no. pcs 14T 14T
            Max.tool length mm 200 200
            Max.tool weight kg 3 3
            Tool to tool change time sec 1.8 1.8
            All specifications&design are subject to change without prior notice.
            4th Axis Rotary Table (OPT) & 5th Tilting Table
            • This rotary table boosts productivity by allowing more machining options with a single setup.
            Spindle Oil Cooling System (OPT)
            • The spindle oil cooling device is adopted sufficiently cool down when high speed spindle running, to reduce spindle thermal deformation and beneficial high speed accuracy.
            Disc Oil/coolant Separator (OPT)
            • Utilized for efficiently separates the oil from the coolant tank, which shall not effect the coolant oil quality, and workpiece accuracy can be increased.
            Chain Type Chip Conveyor (OPT)
            • Compact design but sufficient removal the chips to the left side of machines.
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